One-on-One Counselling Services

In counselling individuals balance gaining greater insight with making tangible changes.  A range of issues might bring someone into counselling.  It is an active, collaborative process.  Here are some examples of issues:

  • Adjusting to a new chronic health diagnosis

  • Seeking to better understand why there are repetitions in relationship patterns

  • Desiring to be more free from compulsive behaviours

  • Managing depression, anxiety, stress

  • Family conflict

  • Desire to act more aligned with values and to respond rather than react,

  • and more...

Her fees are set at the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors suggested rate of $130 + GST per session. 

How long the counselling engagement takes depends on what people want to get out of counselling as well as the presence and extent of early childhood trauma or wounding. 

There are ways to keep costs down such as having a session every two weeks and doing reading and exercises in between sessions to maintain momentum. 

Contact Sarah to learn more.