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About Sarah

Sarah treats it as a privilege to be let into people's inner lives, at their readiness. Sometimes she is asked whether it's hard to do counselling as work, but Sarah loves talking about deep things with people, having real conversations, sitting with people in dark days and light days, and observing their incredible resilience.  It is hard at times, but this is why self-care is really important to have ways to allow feelings to move through her.  She values being: authentically on own journey of self-development to really understand how hard it can be, embodied, attuned, open, curious, and continually learning.  The learning she's been lucky enough to gain through her years of formal study in Psychology and working in this field have changed the way she sees people, herself, her family and life - and so she greatly appreciates being able to share these powerful theories and practices with others.

Sarah has been practicing as a counsellor for 14 years.  In Australia where she did her training she registered as a Psychologist, and in BC she is a Registered Clinical Counsellor.  She has worked in a specialized anxiety clinic, in residential addictions centres, in private practice, at community service agencies with adults, families, and youth.

Sarah also has studied and practiced Buddhist philosophy and Yoga for 16 years. For those who are interested she can draw from these systems of inquiry and practice as well.  She has undertaken a Somatic Experiencing Yoga Teacher Training as well as a Restorative Yoga Teacher training.  She also sits several multiday retreats per year in the Insight Meditation tradition, which continually brings humility and depth of practice.  She is committed to developing expertise in the body as well as the mind, and is continuously engaged in exploring the connections between them. 

Sarah's passions include spending time in nature, cultivating community connections, spending time with her dog and the joy in seeing the world from her canine perspective, spending time with her family, foodie explorations, dancing, music, and witnessing the array of others' passions and worlds upon worlds in humanity. 

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