Sarah Sinray seeks to support people in their on-going process of healing and moving in the direction of living their life in accordance with their deepest values.  Ultimately, the more we are aware of how our psyche operates the more freedom we can have because awareness precedes choice.  With increasing awareness practicing many small steps many times while being kind and patient with ourselves in the process adds up to changing behaviour and becoming free from patterns that no longer serve us.   Her approach tends to emphasize going deep into the roots of issues rather than simply addressing surface-level symptoms.  Addressing things from their root prevents other issues from emerging later.


The underpinnings of equality, respect, authenticity, groundedness and kindness guide Sarah's work with people as does her belief that change is possible.  Sometimes when people are suffering they can lose hope that things can improve.  At these times being able to lean on the steadfastness of the Counsellor with this belief can really help.  When a Counsellor sees a person's inner goodness and wisdom, the person can more readily access their inner resources.  Thus, her manner of counselling is collaborative:  it brings together her expertise with the person's wisdom to lead to healing.  Sarah believes that the best type of counselling makes the Counsellor no longer needed in time.


She practices in a way that is adaptive to the needs and preferences of the individual.  Because no two people are the same, the tools and language that will benefit people will be different.  She draws from the following systems of thought which all have solid theoretical underpinnings and research to support their effectiveness:

Sarah regularly consults with experts in the field of trauma therapy to keep evolving and work through counter-transference issues. Her own daily meditation practice allows her to continually grow in self-awareness, come from a place of humility, and hold a grounded and resourced presence for her clients.

Greater consciousness can lead to greater freedom, change is possible and a fulfilling life is within our reach.