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Groups are a huge passion for Sarah as she has experienced them as being tremendously powerful.  Importantly, groups make counselling more affordable for people. They are healing in that they reduce isolation. 


When we are a part of a group and we hear someone we can relate to express great wisdom while observing that they don't recognize that wisdom within themselves, we can understand that perhaps we too have this internal resource that we minimize.  Learning from others who are our peers how they are navigating the challenges of life is also enriching.  The support and structure of groups can enhance motivation and ease.

She is very sensitive to the needs of individuals in groups and never pressures people to do anything they do not wish to do.  Offering options, asking permission, and respecting boundaries is of utmost importance to Sarah - it is always an option to listen rather than speak.

Contact her to find out more and register you interest for up-coming groups.

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